Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Online Card Classes - Copic Markers for Card Makers Day 7

Hi again. Weather here has been awful lately - rain, rain and more rain, with a bit of wind. Have to say the girls are loving it - scooting in and out of puddles and poking them with sticks. Whatever the weather, they love life, which makes up for the dark days.

So, I managed to get round to doing some of the Copic class again. It's been a struggle as my mind has been firmly on Christmas cards, but practice is important!

This week it's all about colouring in those tricky colours - red, white and black. I do enjoy working with the grey colours as we covered it a few weeks ago in Day 3. I only had one warm grey (W), but a trip to the local craft shop with some birthday money sorted that out and I now have three. I think I may end up getting all the C and W greys in at least Ciao. They do work well for blending and shading.

The reds on the other hand I really struggle with and will invest in a couple of darker reds as well as a green. Wonder why? Then you have to check out Julia Altermann's video. It really is amazing what the dark green does to the red. That's why I've left a couple of these flowers white - to try out when the next consignment of Copics arrive.

I had a go, however, on the flowers below and don't think they look too bad. I tried this one with some grey shading with a C3:

  What is good is that you can really see the difference between the C and W greys:

Apologies for the shadow in this picture - even in daytime, the lighting is quite poor.

Onto the robot vampire (?!?!?! - gotta love some of the images people come up with - inventive!):

I really enjoyed this one, blending the black (100) with the Ws. I struggle still with blending the folds, but I'm hoping that will come with time.

I love the green waistcoat in the last one I did - it's my favourite combination, created because at one point they were the only greens I had!

I decided to be bold and try creating a background. That is a lot of fun! I added dots of lighter blue and colourless blender as well as my white gelly rol pen and Wink of Stella pen (not the brush).

You can tell I'm not really happy with the blending in the folds, can't you!

Anyway, thanks for joining me. I go back to frantically making Christmas cards again - so many, so little time! - and trying where I can to avoid all the releases that are coming in December...... and failing ;)

Don't forget please go and say Hello to Aileen who has been hugely creative in her Christmas cards of late, and colouring up a storm with her Copic classes.

Thanks for all your wonderful and kind comments. I love hearing from you all :)


Vicki Dutcher said...

You are rocking out the coloring! I just do not have the patience to practice [my bad] -- Love the W grays with your white flower - they look awesome!

Aileen (mum) said...

Your colouring is going brilliant. I'm amazed the difference with the two types of greys I only have the ones in the C so will do as you have done and wait on some of my images till later. I have the black copic but think my c's may be too pale. Will have to check it out. I reckon your cloaks are looks brilliant. I better go finish mine and post hey!! Running late here, too busy colouring everything that isnt pinned down.

Kate said...

Oh you are good, all this practice and you will be teaching me how to do it :) i have no patience for for colouring lol i mostly just blag it and sometimes get lucky haha.
Kate xx

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Love your blog - you are so talented! I am now following you :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant colouring! Glad to see you are having fun at the classes. I so need a warm grey now!

maria f. said...

Such fun to follow your Copic coloring. I just love those "white" flowers. Thanks for the inspiration. I must try that.

Some Bits and Pieces said...

I love your colored images! Maybe I should do an online card class as well. I am just doing whatever I think is right... :)

Stephanie said...

"Onto the robot vampire (?!?!?!" I laughed out loud xD Too funny. Your coloring is amazing. I especially love what you did with the capes. And now I have to look up what a wink of stella pen is!

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