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This is a Google Blogger blog and as such it uses some cookies to make it work properly - you've seen the banner at the top of the page. If you want to find out what Google does with this information, please have a look at their new updated Privacy Policy.

I have links to several social media sites I use and some of these may use cookies. I'd advise you to look at the privacy and cookie policies of each to learn more.
If you leave me a comment on my blog, you consent to your information being displayed and the comment being emailed to me, giving me access to your email address. I may on occasion reply to your comment via email.

I manage my email subscriptions through Google Feedburner. By signing up to this, you consent to them and me having access to your email address and user name/name. You can unsubscribe at any time, either through the email that is sent or by contacting me at and I will delete your information. I really hope you won't though!

My Bags and My Destash Items

When you purchase anything from my bag sales or my destash items you consent to me having various pieces of information including your email address and your physical address. These will be kept electronically and in hard copy until such time as the transaction is complete, i.e. I send you the completed bag/item and you contact me to say you are completely happy with it, after this the information will be securely destroyed. This will be within 30 days from receipt of this information.

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Erica A-B said...

I'm such a procrastinator, I've still not written my privacy policy yet! I was totally panicking about it until I read yours and Tracy's statements. It seems a lot more difficult than it probably is because we are 'the little people', lol! Thanks for the help and hints with this, I really appreciate it!

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