About Me

Hi, I'm Ruth, a full time mum of two little girls who has rediscovered a love of crafting. When I'm not running around after children, and when they're sleeping, I can be found getting crafty and arty making cards and sewing.

I started this blog to journal what I've been making and chart my growth as a crafter. I'm inspired by lots of amazing paper crafters and sewers, from the professionals to all the wonderful crafty friends I've met online through Instagram and their blogs.

I join in challenges when I have time and have been enjoying making You Tube videos as well. My aim is to have fun and share what I do with you all to try to inspire you to try something crafty. This hobby is my release from the mundane and it keeps me sane when I've been running around after my girls all day - it's my creative escape. Ocassionally I let them play too! 

Happy Crafting!!!

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