Friday, 29 May 2015

Reclaiming the mojo

So I feel like I'm back on track with my crafting. No card to show, but I've been playing around with things and as Tim Holtz advocates in his interview in this month's Simply Cards and Papercraft #137, it's important to create as well as make.

I met up with my friend Pat on Wednesday night. I met her in Hobbycraft back in November and we struck up a conversation about which die cutting machine to buy. She very kindly gave me her email address and agreed to meet up for a craft. We've had two so far, and I hope we have many more. It reminded me that for all the great blogs I follow and the wonderful and friendly crafters on Instagram, it's nice to meet up with someone and craft together. Admittedly we do a lot of talking, but we also do manage some crafting! Pat has years of experience over me but last night we learnt about letterpress together - from SCP #137 using embossing folders and what I'd seen of Jennifer McGuire's faux letterpress technique using dies.

A little sample, but I think I preferred the embossing folder technique. We also tried with different inks - distress inks were interesting and could be used for water colouring or spritzing. 

I talked about my new found love of Spectrum Aqua markers and we talked emboss resist techniques, so I tried that on Thursday morning as baby took an unexpectedly long nap (she was up at 3:30am and took ages to go back to sleep, so no wonder!). I loved it. I've seen some gorgeous cards using this for water colouring flowers, so some purchases may be necessary next month. This is to make a secret card for a friend, so just a little peek... I also used some masking techniques on it - there's a new class on at Online Card Classes about this technique (Mask-erade) - I keep seeing these classes advertised and am so tempted!

And I finally sorted my swatches into their new home, the Simple Stories 6x8 Binder with 2x2 insta pockets - it looks a bit naked, but give it some time.... It's perfect storage for them.

I've definitely learnt something this week too about me and my crafting. When I feel pressured to make rather than create, I need to step back, just play and have some fun - and organise too.

Thanks for making it this far and have a great weekend!


Vicki Dutcher said...

It is fun to stamp with someone isn't it! The best part is when I do, I usually learn something new; a technique, a hint... whatever it is, I love learning new stuff [hence me getting on the Zig band wagon ;)] You are correct, too much pressure on yourself and you will go blank - kicking back is a good release :) Have a great week end~

maria f. said...

Lucky girl, stamping with someone IRL (when I'm talking about someone from blogland my kids make a face..."oh, someone from your blog" as if to say "they're not REAL". Cool wispy weeds you achieved with the embossing folder and letterpressing. And I agree. Organizing is always good.

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