Monday, 10 August 2015

Pop Up Colouring Challenge 14th-17th August

Hi Crafty Folks! So we're still on holiday, but I had to pop on and let you know about Kathy's Pop Up Colouring Challenge. It's on from 14th-17th August and is to keep us all going as we prepare for the full colouring challenge in October.

Check out Kathy's blog post all about it:

Best place to check it out is on Instagram and you can follow Kathy at @kathyrac. It's a great chance to start colouring if you're new to it, and just spend some time with friends scribbling - you do not have to be an expert! It's all about learning and having fun.

One child is asleep, the other is resisting, so I had better sign off and see what is going on :)

See you all at the weekend, get those coloured pencils dusted off!

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