Friday, 20 November 2015

Online Card Classes - Copic Markers for Card Makers Day 6

Hello again Crafty Friends! I've had a chance now to catch up on my Copic marker class. This week it's all been about colouring in 'critters' or cute little animals as well as using the colourless blender to add texture. As Aileen reminded me that the next couple of classes are about using images in cards we've decided to not make any this week and save them for the next class.

I had a lot of fun with this class using as many different colours as I could to see what I liked for fur. It was also really interesting using the blender pen. I found you have to be quite patient with it and leave it to dry before you see if you need to use any more to reach the desired effect. Something that isn't easy, as it's clear!

I enjoyed adding in fur:

And also being creative with patterns:

I loved the use of the blender pen to mark stars on a night background:

I found that some of the images bled quite a bit as I was using odd colour combinations and trying to blend them together - it's all about practice.

The best bit about this course is that my sister, who is staying with us for a few days in the craft room/spare bedroom, watched Sandy Allnock's video with me and was really fascinated by the pens and techniques. I coloured the first two images and then we all headed to bed as it was late. When I came into the craft room yesterday morning I was so confused as I was convinced I had only coloured two not three images when it dawned on me that Rachel had done one after I'd left!!! She did a fabulous job, I think you'll agree, after only one lesson:

Had me laughing all day!

Please take the time to visit Aileen and see how she's been using the colourless blender and what funky colours she chose for her doggies and foxes.

In other news, I've been adding labels to my Copic Ciaos. I've been getting a bit annoyed by not being able to see clearly what the colours are. Some have already unfortunately come off, and added to that, one of the lids on my most used colours is sticking really badly, and despite having given it a bit of a clean, I fear it may break the pen as I'm having to force it. It's making me wonder whether in the long term the more expensive Sketch may be an idea (the lids slip off beautifully on the two I have) - although it will restrict me to fewer pens..... We shall see!

Thank you so much for reading and for the time you take to read and leave comments. Each one of them is truly appreciated. Thank you to those of you who are new to my blog - please leave me a comment if you are, especially if you're over from Aileen. I love to visit other blogs and comment on as many of you as I can. Just make sure you're not a 'no reply blogger' - you probably don't know if you are or not until someone tries to contact you and can't. You can Fix It! really easily.

I have loads of child care this coming week as my parents have taken a cottage nearby, so some time to craft and make the much needed Christmas cards is coming soon!


Some Bits and Pieces said...

Hey Ruth, the images look beautiful! Some day I have to try Copics as well. But they are soooo expensive...
Maybe, if you put glossy accents on top of your labels they might get protected and stick better to your lids? But I see that there are small holes... maybe it won't work then. I tried the glossy accents on top of the color labels on my Zigs and it works quite well :)

Aileen (mum) said...

Your going well there. I havent taken a photo yet so my post will be when I get up in the morning, sorry. Your colouring looks brilliant, I hate to disappoint but I have only gone with browns and greys this time. i forgot to try the cordory look, still have a fox there might have to give that one a go at being a toy!! Looks like you might swing your sister our way :) i know what you mean with the Ciao markers I keep mine all together in clusters with elastic bands to at least make it easier to find the group ie YG or R, wish they came with markings on top. I also have a marker that is getting harder and harder to open but Sketch are so out of the market here at about 8 or 9 dollars each I rarely buy them.
Well we are going well and I like your colour combos. Have been too sidetracked to do colour mixes. See you tomorrow

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

You are oming on in leaps and bounds with your colouring projects Ruth my friend! Fur can't be easy, but you have made it look so good. Yes, your sister did do a good job considering she only had one lesson. Well done both of you! Have a great day! Hazel xx

Michelle Short said...

Great colouring Ruth, as well as your sister :) So happy to see you are enjoying the class. I used glue dots to stick the labels on my ciao's and they stuck quite well. Sorry to hear about the lid though, not sure about that one! xx

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