Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Craft Room Goings On - An Update!

Hello Everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen me posting pictures of things happening in the craft room that mean I won't be doing much crafting for a while. I thought I'd do a longer post and explanation and update all in one on my blog.

In short, I'm moving out. Moving out of the craft room that is! I've been sharing space with the spare room and it's time that room had a bit of TLC. When we got our loft conversion on 4 years ago, our builder put his foot through the ceiling into this room. He fixed it and replastered it, but it still hadn't been properly painted (I know, I know.....). 

So that is finally being done. One corner has been prone to mould, so that was stripped of wall paper...

You can tell that there were shelves there at one point - and nice yellow paint.... Today I papered it with lining paper ready to be painted and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my handiwork - not bad for a first attempt and some super cheap paper and paste from Poundworld!

I am excited to get painting!  

Once it is all clean and fresh, and we have new curtains, my husband will move his things out of a room which we built to replace the old garage (asbestos panels, so was quickly removed when we moved in) and I will move my things in. It's a fully insulated room, and although not huge, it will all be mine and suit both of us better - and I can finally get curtains in it after 5 years ;)

So, I won't be creating too much, other than a post I have for the upcoming Flower Challenge on 4th, but once I am done with IKEA furniture building and my crafty mojo is back, I will share a little craft room tour on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for taking the time to read. The colouring challenge started today so I am also excited to be taking part tomorrow - painting walls counts!


Vicki Dutcher said...

How exciting space all for YOU! Can't wait to see the end result ��

Squirrel x said...

Looking forward to seeing some creative wallpapering ;) xx

LaurieC said...

I'm so excited you'll have a space of your own! It's going to be wonderful!! Can't wait to see the end result and your CURTAINS!!! Also, can't wait to see your coloring this month :). Hug to you!

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

I can't wait Ruth! I will miss your 'craftiness', but will wait with eagerness for your return and the return of your Mojo!! Good luck with the decorating, you brave lass you! Have a wonderful evening my friend! Luv n’ Hugs. Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Viv said...

How exciting Ruth,can't wait to see it all finished now.Mine is such a mess atm. I really should give it a complete make-over too lol ;)hugs Viv xx

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! �� I absolutely can not wait to see your newly designed space!

Missy Pink said...

You are doing well Ruth, it's never easy decorating. Can't wait to see the finish result now. Hugs X

Anonymous said...

Foot through the ceilling?!! hahaha (although not sure you found it funny when it did happen...)
Well done for wallpapering and painting, I cant wait to see your new craft room packed with crafty things :-D

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