Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ink Dusters Vs Ink Blenders - VIDEO

So I was playing around with the MFT cloud stencil making backgrounds for some cards (Mr Seagull was one of them) and did a bit of filming of me using both the Ink Dusters and Ink Blending tool that I normally use.

The Ink Dusters are manufactured by a local company called Inkylicious. You get a pack of 3 brushes for £14.99, although I think my craft fair purchase was a little cheaper, and they are double ended so you get 6 brushes. You can read all about the brushes on the Inkylicious web page.

You can watch my video below or in YouTube:

Some pictures of the end result. In the video you see me using just distress ink, but I also used some Altenew inks which I like to blend with too - I find they don't stamp well but they do blend nicely.

1. Altenew Ink on the left, Distress on the right. Ink Duster at the top, Blending pad at the bottom.

 2. You can see in the following two photos how much brighter the blending tool lays down the ink. This is the blending tool. Altenew Ocean Waves on the left and Tumbled Glass on the right.

3. The Ink Duster does lay down a lovely layer of light ink which you can build on. Altenew on left, distress on the right. 

4. I even tried on vellum and the result is the same. Lighter layer for the ink duster and brighter with the blending tool.

5. The cards I made. Each picture has one background with the blending tool and one with the ink duster. While the photos aren't great, you can tell the difference.

I really do like them and find they lay down a nice light layer of ink that you can build up and it often avoids the harsh lines I can get with the blending tool. I may in future invest in some Clarity Brushes as well as I think the pointed tip will come in handy. I won't give up on the blending tools, as I think it depends on the look you are going for as to which tool you use for your project.

Do you have any of the brushes? Clarity or Ink Dusters? Would love to know your thoughts. I'm a big fan of crafting tools! 

Thank you so much for popping by today. Happy Crafting!


Cara said...

Interesting. I've got ink dusters but never really got on with them. I tend to use a mini blending tool and versamagic chalk ink to create those sort of clouds with a stencil, don't know why I've never tried it with distress ink though! Create & Craft brought out their Rare Earth range recently. They have duster brushes in a set of three, similar to the clarity brushes in looks but much smaller. The bristles are incredibly soft. Thinking about it, I've got the clarity ones, but have only ever used one, once! Hels Sheridan recommended the Rare Earth brushes to me, she really likes them. I bought them at the Bolton show, but apart from stroking them haven't used them yet. Actually, have no idea where they are in the chaos! Will have to fish them all out and share my thoughts!

Tracy Hawkins said...

Thanks Ruth, very helpful as I've been thinking about clarity brushes, but these look great too! Like you I sometimes find it hard to blend with the ink blenders and yes I agree they don't seem so good as the old ones ! The brushes look really soft . Ooh dear now I think I need these too!!! Lol . Its never ending, too much temptation! Great video too. And yes I love the cloud stencil too! Happy crafting, Tracy xx

Vicki Dutcher said...

Very informative video mf well done!

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