Friday, 2 September 2016

Show Your Face - a last hurrah!

Hi Everyone! We seem to be having a bit of an Indian Summer here in the UK as it's been quite warm this week - typical as we start back at school next week!

I wanted to blog this to say a fond farewell to Kim Dellow's Show Your Face blog posts. She's been running these for a year now and I've enjoyed seeing all her different faces and even had a go myself. The challenge for July was to do a quick draw, and so one day whilst waiting for potatoes to boil (my life is very exciting!), I got three little bits of scrap card and my Pitt artist's pen and just drew.

Now I am no artist. There is a reason I stamp and colour, but I am rather pleased with how these turned out. I was waiting to find a nice frame with three apertures to put them in before I blogged. I drew a blank and put them aside and then of course holidays and all happened, so I am only sharing them now.

I was inspired by the elements of earth, wind and sea and despite them bearing a passing resemblance to elder statesmen of UK politics (Michael Heseltine anyone?), I'm rather proud of just sitting down and having a go.

Here they are in close up:

I'm glad I came across Kim's blog. I visit regularly and she now has a fabulous feature called 'Art Slice' on her You Tube channel which you should all check out for some inspiration.

I hope Kim won't mind me linking this up to this week's post as I missed the link up for July.  

Have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for stopping by :)


Pop's Cards said...

I havent done ne for ages, these are fab sweetie hugs Pops x

Sarah N said...

Michael Heseltine... oh my... I laughed out loud when I read that :-) I think you did a really good job creating a set of faces with a consistent and interesting style.

Missy Pink said...

Wow you are such a natural artist, Just before you mentioned Michael Heseltine, I was thinking it looked just like him. You keep up your drawing and I can't wait see more from you. xx

Vicki Dutcher said...

Good for you trying something new~ They did turn out good!

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Awesome, reminds me about ancient Greek art!

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