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That was my shop and I sold storage bags for Copics. I enjoyed it and I appreciate all the support from everyone on the Copic UK Facebook Group. However, I started making more reusable products last year and they have proved very popular, so I've completely changed direction into....

ruth's reusables does what it says it does. It's me, Ruth, making reusable products that are pretty, practical and planet friendly.

Would love you to have a browse around. I'm bringing more reusable products to the shop as and when I can, so that there is a broad range for you to choose from, all in funky fabrics, because ditching the disposables doesn't have to be brown.

Everything is handmade in Yorkshire and I am more than happy to take orders for pouches if you would like them. Just message me via my blog and we will start that conversation.

My instagram has changed as well to ruth's reusable products, but you can still find my cards on my Craftingwhilethebabynaps account.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me. You are appreciated more than you will ever know!


debs29blue said...

Ruth, I saw these yesterday at the class and thought they were lovely! If you getbto make any purple or cerise large bags for 30 Copics I would definitely be very interested! �� Debs x

debs29blue said...

I saw these at the class yesterday and thought they were lovely! If you get to make any in purple or cerise in a large size for 30 copics I would definitely be interested! 😊. Debs x

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