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I have quite an exciting update! After thinking about it for forever and a day, I finally decided to open up an Etsy shop for my bags. I'm really enjoying learning about it (there is a lot to learn!) and populating my shop with my bags.

I've called it Bagageddon. Why? Well every time I got in an order of bags, usually 4-5 at a time, I'd tell the friends I was chatting with that I had to go and sew, it was 'Bagageddon' time - a play on Armageddon in the Bible, the end of days, because of the volume of sewing. It's unique for sure! 

All the details below are the same, but I've put the bags I had here onto Etsy now and the link is below. I'll be adding to it as often as I can when I make something new. 

Bagageddon - Ruth's Etsy Shop 

Please have a look at what's there and come back regularly to check out what is new. I have a new Instagram account too - it's Bagageddon as well :)

As always the bags are...

*Hand made by me in Yorkshire!
*Cotton inner and outer
*Lined with polyester fleece for protection


debs29blue said...

Ruth, I saw these yesterday at the class and thought they were lovely! If you getbto make any purple or cerise large bags for 30 Copics I would definitely be very interested! �� Debs x

debs29blue said...

I saw these at the class yesterday and thought they were lovely! If you get to make any in purple or cerise in a large size for 30 copics I would definitely be interested! 😊. Debs x

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