Friday, 18 May 2018

Further Musings on GDPR....

****Please, please remember I am not a lawyer! None of this is to give advice on the legalities of GDPR or how you should comply. It is my personal blog, and I have done my own research into how I think it relates to me. You will need to do the same!****

So, having caused a bit of a stir with my post from last night and waking up to various questions about it, I'm popping a link in here to a blog post that the lovely Michelle sent me to assuage my fears. It does help to make a lot more sense of it.

The Blogger's Guide to GDPR from PipDig

Please don't just copy and paste what my Privacy Policy says. It relates to my blog and the things I have on it. Of course you can read what I have written, and see if you have similar things you need to mention, and you can then write your own. It has to relate to your blog remember! I have read the privacy policies of crafty friends - it is always useful to see what others have written as they can prompt you to see what you need -  but written mine to relate to me.

Please also remember I have a Blogger blog which is different to how Wordpress works. If you have a business and sales site, this is also different. The link above relates to Blogging. 

It's taken me a lot of conversations with friends, a lot of reading and a lot of thinking about my blog and what it has on it, what it links to and what I decided I don't want on there, such as adverts. In short, it has been a GOOD THING to do. It does no harm to tell your readers what personal information they are leaving on your blog, and telling them what you will do or not do with it, what you link to, what information you sign up to for mailing lists, etc. In fact if anything, it's polite and we all like politeness, don't we?


I shall be having a well deserved gin tonight and possibly a cookie. Like a biscuit cookie. Not a computer one.


Marianne said...

Thanks for the info in your 2 blog posts, Ruth. I had been wondering if I should take any action, especially since most of my followers have their own blog and know the drill. I guess I will need to look into this a little further and add some sort of statement on my blog.
My sister arrived for a 2-week holiday and brought loads of naturally sweetened cookies. My favourite is ginger-walnut. Yum.
Marianne x

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