Thursday, 17 May 2018

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations - Please read!

*** A HUGE shout out to my crafty friends who have helped me to get my head around all of this. You know who you are and I appreciate it so much!!!***

A little run down on how I've changed my blog to conform with the new EU/EEA General Data Protection Regulations.

I've added a Privacy page to my blog which I would appreciate you reading as it also tells you what I do with the information you send me as part of my bag and destash sales.

I've decided to remove adverts from my blog for the time being as they require cookies for personalisation. I barely make anything from them anyway.

I embed my YouTube videos into my blog posts when I have a video and so, I have, with loads of help from my bloggy friends, changed these so that no cookies will be set on my blog from YouTube. The easiest way not to miss my videos, is to subscribe direct through YouTube.

Any comments you leave on my blog will give me access to certain information such as your user name and email address and if you leave a comment, you consent to me having that information and your name/username being displayed on my blog.

I have a small group of people signed up to my email list with Google Feedburner. By signing up to this, you consent to them and me having access to your email address and user name/name. You can unsubscribe at any time, although I hope you won't! 

I know this has been worrying quite a few people, including one crafty friend who shut her blog down because she was so concerned about it. 

Please do not panic about it, it is simply me telling you that if you engage with this blog in any way, you leave some data about yourself. I have complied as best I can with the new regulations and all I want is for you to carry on enjoying my blog posts and letting me tell you about my crafty adventures and my crafty hauls :)

I do hope you will still engage with my posts and YT videos, and leave comments and likes. It keeps me going and I really enjoy the interaction. I've made some lovely friends since I started blogging, and I'd hate it all to stop!
I will be back soon with more crafty fun posts, so do not worry, we will get through this together!


Aileen said...

Is this something everyone has to do. It seems I have been asleep and missed the excitement. The flower blog too? Or is this localised? Who closed down? Bloody hell nanny states

Darnell said...

I like this post and your privacy post, Ruth, and from what I've read, it sounds like you ticked all the boxes. I need to do the same so I may borrow your language if that's okay. I'm away from home just now so I'll get to it soon. I had my IT Guy (e.g., The Mister) read the GDPR language and he says not to worry other than just what you've done. They are really aiming at the big corps who abuse our information, not hobby bloggers, and it's a really good thing for the internet that this is happening. Or that's the hope! Anyway, good job!! Now relax and have fun making up anagrams of GDPR like I've just done in my head, lol! Hugs, Darnell

Erica A-B said...

Oh thank goodness, this blog post has eased some of my fears about the whole thing. I’m completely bewildered over anything technology related so this helped me feel a lot better. I’ll be looking over your advice and some other’s and make the changes to my own blog. Thank you!!

Lisa Tilson said...

Well done Ruth, none of this is easy is it! All we want to do is share our cards not worry about all this, although I agree its a good thing overall and I hope that it does in time mean I leave less data on the intenet, particularlywithout realising I am doing that! And then for it to be shared elsewhere is not good... so I hope that stops. Although I am sure the big companies will find a way around it. Sigh. lisa xx

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Raja Singh said...

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