Friday, 8 June 2018

How To - Stencils with Funky Fossils Designs Mermaids - VIDEO

Hello! So if you saw my April and May haul video, you'll have seen the gorgeous mermaid stencil that Sarah Gray from Funky Fossil Designs gave me to have a play around with. I decided when I had a couple of hours to spare (no kids in the house!!) I'd have a good old play with hers and some other stencils I had that hadn't seen much love in a while.

I ended up only using the mermaids in the end - once I started I couldn't stop! - and I filmed the process. You can watch this below or over on my YouTube channel. My camera decided to have a bit of a wobbly at points and I lost some of the footage, but I hope you can still get the gist of them. 

I decided to try something different and not do a voice over for this video. My space in the basement is lovely, but I find the boiler and pipe work can be noisy at the worst times and finding a time to be able to do them is hard. I thought I'd edit it without this time. I'd love some feedback on how you find this. 

Here are the projects I finished. I used lots of different techniques from ink blending to texture paste and glitter - yes I used glitter even though I usually hate the stuff. I even used some of my new distress oxides. They really do blend nicely and I suspect I may be saving up for some more :)

1. Coloured texture paste and glitter. 

2. Distress ink and water bleaching

3. Distress ink and texture paste with glitter stencil on top

4. Distress Oxide and splatter

The detail is amazing on the stencil - the swimming mermaid's hair is spectacular - and you can buy this and others in Sarah's Folksy Shop.

I hope you enjoyed today's projects. I really am in the mood for stencils right now, so expect to see some more of them! Thank you so much for stopping by and Happy Crafting :)


Michelle Short said...

These are so beautiful, Ruth. I love all the different designs on the cards using the same stencilled image. So pretty! xx

Squdge 3 said...

I love these cards! Thank you for the video - shows just how versatile stencils can be. xx

Lisa Tilson said...

Four lovely cards Ruth, and great to see all the different techniques. I really love the texture paste and glitter, so sparkly and pretty. I’m impressed you got the glitter out! The water lifting technique is just the perfect technique for an underwater scene and specifically for a mermaid - dreamy. I thought you did a great job with the captions too and definitely a good option if you don’t get the time for a voiceover. Go stencils!! Lisa xx

Aileen said...

Fantastic, fabulous video Ruth, voice over!!!! It was perfect and now you have made me want those mermaid stencils so badly its disgusting. They are so brilliant. I don't know if you have ever tried this but you can buy a product called repositional spray its great for stencils as you can spray on one side and use a few times, its not too tacky so won't damage your card stock but will hold down those fine lines like the mermaids hair. I bought some a couple of years ago and its still going strong, I have a box I lay the stencil in when I want to spray so everything in the area doesnt end up tacky.

Love those cards and can see you got those double ended brushes, remembered to clean off regularly with baby wipes so they don't get heavy with colour. Hugs Aileen.

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