Sunday, 26 April 2015

Mini Milk Cartons

Hello again! I had to share these fantabulous mini milk cartons that I made using the free Gorgeous Gifts score board I got with Simply Cards and Papercraft issue 136. I've used everything I've ever got with this magazine, and having realised I've bought 5 of the last 6, I've just taken out a subscription for a year - more inspiration, more people's blogs to follow and more freebies, plus some Spectrum Aquas for subscribing. Not bad!

They're made from Bazzill Basics, with some baker's twine and stuck together with red tape - so they stick really well together.

I had thought that they would be great with a little miniature whisky or gin bottle, but I couldn't find one to fit (they are quite small), so a second best option was Lindor. The little boxes are just perfect and four Lindor fit in nicely. I added the labels with 'Drink Me!' on them because they're milk cartons. Even though they're filled with chocolate, I thought 'Eat me!' would just look odd!

So much fun. Must try some of the other projects and see what other goodies I can think about buying - this is addictive!!

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Vicki Dutcher said...

These are too darn adorable! I love mini anything :)

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