Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ranger Dye Ink

Hello there. I posted a picture of two new Ranger Dye Ink pads on Instagram and was asked for my thoughts about them, so I thought I'd do a little blog post.

One thing I have found difficult as a new stamper/card maker is deciding on which inks to buy. There are several different brands and types that look good from blog posts, but I haven't been able to decide, partly due to cost. 

I have been using two black dye inks (Memento Tuxedo Black and Ranger Archival Jet Black), and several VersaMagic Dew Drop chalk inks for a while. The latter I really like, but I wanted to try more colours with dye inks, and I went with Memento dew drops as they are a manageable price for me at the moment. I wasn't terribly keen on the results and felt it may be down to my lack of experience as a stamper.

I had seen Jennifer McGuire's video on inks for beginner stampers, and I liked the look of the Ranger Dye inks. On an unexpected trip to my local craft shop on Sunday afternoon I noticed they had them in and so I bought two as a trial.

I haven't used them on a card yet, but I did do a bit of comparison stamping with my Mementos and you can really tell the difference. The stamps are Clearly Besotted Mrs & Mrs and Bookworm sets. My apologies for the picture quality, I still need to get a decent camera sorted.

The images stamped with the Ranger Dye are clear and crisp, with minimal blotchiness and missing spots, compared to the Mementos. The colours too are sharp, bright and vibrant, which is what I like about them. They also feel much smoother on the card and they definitely make it very easy to get very good quality results as a beginner. The other interesting thing is they smell much nicer than the Mementos. I have no idea why, but for me that makes a difference too!

I shall keep the Mementos and see if I continue to use them as I like to have a variety of colours, but the Ranger Dye Inks have really impressed a novice and I shall be investing over the next few months in more colours from the range.

Thanks for reading! Please do leave me a comment if you have any other ink suggestions :)


Michelle Short said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts, Ruth. They do look great, I love the colour range and also the coverage looks excellent. I wish I had the space to store them! xx

Ruthich said...

Thanks Michelle. I really rate them. Xx

Squirrel x said...

Thanks for the comparison Ruth - would be interested to know if they bleed when you brush over them with water..... hugs xx

Ruthich said...

I'll give it a go when I can next get to craft :) xx

Vicki Dutcher said...

Nice review - I need more ink like...nothing! Gosh I am overloaded too bad I do like the Ranger image better...sigh. Really - I CAN'T BUY MORE INK [repeat to myself over and over] ;)

Ruthich said...

I have an excuse as a newbie stamper... I need to build up my stock.. I have the rest of the set on order and it should arrive this week! xx

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